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TMTS Ltd - Wire Erosion:
 If you have a complex profile or an "exotic" or "hard" material to cut then maybe I can  help. 
Wire Erosion produces very accurate components with a good surface finish, "without burrs" " and with no stress on the workpiece. The process uses very accurate, extruded brass wire (typically 0.25mm diameter) with de-ionised "tap water" flushing. Any material that conducts electricity can be cut, however, it should be noted that the wire must pass completely through the workpiece, so may require a "start hole", and the workpiece needs to be held or clamped in some way.  
Some common uses for wire erosion:
  • Keyways and Keys
  • Round or Multi-sided (e.g. Hex/Bi-Hex) holes
  • Deep slots 
  • Punches & Dies for press tools
  • Complicated profiles with sharp edges or small radii (min 0.15 internal radius)
  • Ring or component splitting - typically 0.3mm minimum slit
  • Tapered cutting - relief for Dies etc.
Max workpiece (W x D x H): 350 x 450 x 200mm (max weight 160 Kg)
Max cutting travel: 250mm x 350mm
Typical max taper 10 degrees @ 100mm height
Rates: From £10.00 t0 £25.00 per hour - depending on application
For a quotation call - 07717226855
or e-mail/fax a drawing to TMTS@talktalk.net /0191 276 0560
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